“I had troubled skin for many years and Le Facialle has definitely helped to clear my skin with their meticulous facial techniques and quality products! They specialize in facials and is the best place I’ve tried so far! Will definitely recommend to anyone who wants clear skin, genuine quality and great service at a reasonable price! :)”

- Kym L -

“No one does facials better than Le Facialle! I went for their Acne Treatment and really loved the results! They have the right products to treat your skin before and after extraction and your skin really feels very comfortable and calm after. Definitely my favourite place for professional facials!”

- Lyn Y -

“I’ve been looking for a good facial spa for a long time and I’ve finally found one in Le Facialle. I love everything they offer from their friendly service to their comfortable bed and duvet, quality products and skilled facialists, even right down to the tea they serve at the end of my treatment! Their hydra deep cleansing facial is my favourite as it always leaves my skin clean, clear and refreshed. They also have gentle treatments for when my skin feels a little sensitive. Le Facialle is awesome and they can count on me to be a regular customer! :)”

- Kerri Tan -